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George Avakian receives Django d’Or Award
Legendary Record Producer honored

Legendary Record Producer George Avakian To Receive "The Django d’Or Award" - The Most Prestigious Jazz Honor In Europe.

George Avakian receives Django d’Or Award

Apart from the usual reasons that everyone repeats (produced first jazz album, first annotated reissue album program, etc. etc.) they have cited an even bigger contribution to the music business, which was the creation in the 1950s at Columbia of the widest-ranging and most successful popular album catalog the industry had ever seen. It soon resulted in the displacement by 12-inch pop LPs of the three-minute single as the main source of income for record labels worldwide, while also elevating jazz through treating it as an integral part of a pop album catalog rather than a specialty.

The ceremony took place Thursday, Nov. 30th, at 7 PM at the Pavillon Baltard, 12 Avenue Victor Hugo Paris, France.
Photo by William P. Gottlieb

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